10 Bars To Visit In Rocky Point

If you have never been to Rocky Point you must go. Located just 4 hours from Pheonix this sleepy little Mexican resort town has everything you need for a white sands beach getaway. Stay at the resort or visit the mulitcan and experience a local restaurant and bar scene that is plenty to offer. Here is our top 10:

  • 1.Bikini Bobs
  • 2.Bikini Bobs
  • 3.Bikini Bobs
  • 4.Bikini Bobs
  • 5.Bikini Bobs
  • 6.Bikini Bobs
  • 7.Bikini Bobs
  • 8.Bikini Bobs
  • 9.Bikini Bobs
  • 10 Bikini Bobs

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